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Nail Polish

Made by Anastasiya Kovaleva
Form 10 C
Lyceum № 4

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In today's world, it's hard to imagine a girl without nail polish. It is so firmly entrenched in our life.

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The history of nail fashion began in 3000 BC .There is an evidence that the Chinese used enamel on their fingers for a few hours, and got red or pink.

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The lacquer tree was used as the basis in China . For several centuries BC preparing of varnish was based on natural resins—amber, mastic and others in Egypt. In the 8th century BC varnishes produced on the basis of drying vegetable oils — flax, hemp, walnut were well known .

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Beauty industry is rapidly changing and constantly improving and nail polish is not an exception in this sense. Today throughout the world numerous companies in the industry offer a fantastic number of lacquer coatings.

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Who can have imagined that the current lacquer will appear due to the random opening in the dentist's office. Once at a reception of the practicing dentist Stuart Nordstrom the patient remarked that the material used to prepare temporary fillings smelt like the material used to create porcelain nails. Since then this product became known as shellac.

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As centuries ago, nail fashion continues to evolve. Nail polishes were used in some trends and subcultures. So nail art has become one of the most important cultural symbols.

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