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Слайд 1
Текст слайда:

Happy Valentine’s day!

Слайд 2
Текст слайда:

What is love?

Слайд 3
Текст слайда:

On February, 14th we celebrate the Valentine’s day – Day of Enamoured.

Слайд 4
Текст слайда:

People give each other gifts and cards.

Слайд 5
Текст слайда:

Game-competition «Famous pairs of the enamoured».

Слайд 6
Текст слайда:

The history of Valentine’s day begin with Ancient Rome.

Слайд 7
Текст слайда:

The first legend.

The Roman emperor Klavdy II wanted to create the strongest army. One of the point of the army charter Claudia was an inderdiction for a marriage.

Слайд 8
Текст слайда:

But the soldiers often broke this interdiction. Christian priest Valentine helped them. He had married hundreds legionaries. Claudias has ordered to execute the brave confessor.

Слайд 9
Текст слайда:

The second legend.

Valentine was to the prisoners who have grown fond of the fine daughter of the jailer which visited him.

Слайд 10
Текст слайда:

Before death the prisoner has written her the love letter signed : ‘’Your Valentine”. Therefore “Valentine Cards”, sent by girls “in the answer” to the boyfriends, in Great Britain it is accepted to sign cards-words: “ Be my Valentine”.

Слайд 11
Текст слайда:

The third legend.

Romanshad a pagan tradition in the middle of February, that is 14th, to spend “ a love lottery”. They considered, that spring updating of a life begins in the middle of month winters. At lottery carrying out small notes which people sympathizing each other exchanged were used. Quite often , the lottery came to an end with weddings.

Слайд 12
Текст слайда:

Game-competition «Hit the heart».

Слайд 13
Текст слайда:

In 496 year, Pope Gelasy has published special bulla, established the Valentine’s day as official a religious holiday.

Слайд 14
Текст слайда:

In the Wales cut out wooden “love spoons” and gave their favorite on 14th of February. Spoons were decorated by hearts, keys and keyholes that you meant “ has found a way to my heart”.

Слайд 15
Текст слайда:

In XVlll century the holiday was recognized in all social strata, and even beggars found possibility to exchange with friends and favorite small gifts or notes.

Слайд 16
Текст слайда:

Game-competition «Poet».

Слайд 17
Текст слайда:

Game-competition «Pantomime».

Слайд 18
Текст слайда:

Today, the oldest “Valentine Card” in the world, written in those “Roman time”, occupies place of honnour among exhibits of the British museum.

Слайд 19
Текст слайда:

The first printing “Valentine’s Card” have appeared much later – in the end of XVlll century them have started to print in England. Today by February, the 14th worldwide sell about 2 billion of “Valentine’s Cards”.

Слайд 20
Текст слайда:

In 1835 Pope GrigoryXVl has given to simple Irish priest John Spratt to the award for a just way of life an urn in which as speak, there are Sacred Valentine’s ashes. This gift and today annually – on February, 14th – expose on a review in Dublin church Whitefriar.

Слайд 21
Текст слайда:

English children don’t miss an opportunity to receive the gift by a holiday. They goon houses and sing songs.

Слайд 22
Текст слайда:

Sometimes they receives an apple – a love and beauty symbol.

Слайд 23
Текст слайда:

Girls and young men of England trust in guessings on the Valentine’s day. For example, unmarried girls rise on February, 14th before sunrise, become near a window and look at passing men. The first man whom they will see, and is the promised. Unmarried English girls throw in the river the curtailed scarps of paper with the man’s names written on them. The name which will emerge the first, will carry the future groom.

Слайд 24
Текст слайда:

The competition «Portrait of a girl dreams».

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