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The Article

By mark

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What is an article? It’s boring, that’s what it is ☹

The definite article
The ‘the’
Definite article examples
An ordinary article
Examples of an ordinary article
Summary and review

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The definite article


When using the word ‘the’, there are things you need to think about:
It must be important in some way, special.
It must be set apart from the rest of the herd, to be looked at.
You must decide this is the only one.
This all sounds very complicated, maybe we shall look at some examples?
Follow me!

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The ‘the’.

The Sun (only one)☺The Earth (only one too)☺
Special, unique, stands out!
The person, the country, the book, the apple, the bird, the radio, the colour, are all examples of one and only things, there isn’t a choice.


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Definite article examples.

Try these examples:
The sky was dark, the wind blew, the rain fell, at last, winter had arrived.

The 15:45 was late again, the stationmaster paced impatiently, this was the forth time this week!

The Earth is the third planet from the nearest star, namely, The Sun, we use ‘the’ for these two bodies, interestingly, we don’t use it for the other planets in our system.

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An ordinary article.

An ordinary article is one of many, it is not unique and it could just as well be this one as that one. The one thing that is important is that it is a type, and it is the type that is important!

A something/ An something

A what?
An what?



No, you are right, its the other way around, but why?

You guessed it!
An, with A E I O U sounds i.e. orange, egg, igloo, idiot.
A, with all the rest car, tree, pen, book, banana. ☺

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Examples of an ordinary article.

“An apple or a banana?” came the question, it took me a while, but I decided on the apple.

The main door was closed, however, on inspection there was a side door which remained open thoughout the week, mainly, for the sincere of heart, or the poor of pocket.

A man and his car are seldom parted.

What do you have on your desk; a pen, a pencil, a book or two, a rubber perhaps, maybe even a photo or a pot plant?

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Quiz: Your turn!

Write something using the word ‘the’.

Give an example of a sentence with the article ‘a’ and an example with article ‘ an’.

What was the difference between the two examples?

Think of two things you have learnt about these words?
Tell a friend.

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What is an article?
The definite article
Examples of the definite article
The ordinary article
A or an and why?
Examples of an ordinary article.

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